Indoor Vinyl Information

GENERAL INFORMATION: Odd Dragon Design produces solid color Cut Decals - a cut decal is a shape cut from a sheet of vinyl (shown on the color chart in the individual product pages). We have both matte (indoor), gloss (outdoor) and metallic colors (in matte and gloss, non-mirror metallic).  For multiple color designs, each color will come on a separate application sheet with alignment markings unless specified otherwise in the product description.

The decals come sandwiched between a backing and transfer tape layer.  When the backing is peeled away the transfer tape is used as a carrier to apply the decal.  Once the decal has been placed and pressed into place, then the transfer tape peels away from the decal.

Our indoor vinyl is a solid color matte film removes cleanly and easily for up to 3 years after application and has a matte surface that suppresses reflection. It's a great choice for temporary, short-term, and medium-term indoor graphics. 

The vinyl will generally last much longer than 2-3 years indoors, however adhesive residue may be left behind when removing the decal after 3 years.

If you are going to store your decal before installing it, we recommend that you keep it in a clean, dry location and store it in the package it shipped in for protection.

BEFORE ORDERING: Vinyl works best on painted walls that are allowed to cure for at least three weeks (paint releases gas during the curing process that can repel the vinyl adhesive). If you have recently painted your walls, we suggest you wait at least 3 weeks before putting up the decal.

Smooth semi-gloss or gloss paints are best for vinyl application. If possible avoid Latex paints and paints that include stain-blockers or anti-graffiti ingredients, as these will repel the vinyl adhesive.  Most vinyl manufactures recommend avoiding  VOC Free paint, as the ingredients in VOC free paints may resist the decal from adhering properly. 

VOC free paints include but are not limited to: Yolo Colorhouse, Behr Premium Plus Zero VOC, Benjamin Moore’s Natura paint, and Glidden Spred,  GreenGuard Emerald Interior Acrylic Latex, Harmony, Pro Industrial Zero VOC Waterborne Catalyzed Epoxy, Pro Industrial Zero VOC Acrylic Coating, and ProMAR 200 & 400 Interior Latex paint.

INSTALLATION INFO: Decals can be applied to hard, flat, and non-porous surfaces.  It is not recommended to install on rough or bumpy surfaces such as brick walls and stucco.  Installation temperature should be between 60°F and 90°F.  Avoid installation in areas that may produce condensation such as near air conditioning or heat vents or non insulated pipes and bathrooms unless you have ensured that the target surface in clean and dry.

PREPARATION:  Clean the surface with a non-ammonia based cleaner (you can also use rubbing alcohol to clean an area.)  Do not skip this step!  Even the tiniest bit of dust, dirt or oil on your installation surface can seriously decrease the lifespan of your decal. Unless specified in the product description, our vinyl decals are a one-time use product. If you are able to peel your decal off the wall with out stretching or ripping you can try re-applying it in a new spot, but we cannot guarantee it will apply smoothly or hold firm. 

If you are having difficulty separating the vinyl decal from the backing (meaning pieces of your decal are not staying on the transfer film) try the following:

Lay decal on a hard surface and roll a metal can (such as a hairspray can), or use a credit card or ID card like a squeegee firmly over the transfer paper side of the decal to get the vinyl to adhere better to the transfer film. 

Small bubbles are not uncommon during installation and will usually go away within a few weeks as the film breathes.  If you want to smooth out the bubbles right away, apply indirect heat, then poke them with a pin and immediately smooth over the spot with a fingernail.

 *TEXTURED WALLS* For lightly textured walls, try using a tennis ball to rub the decal into all the little crevasses on the wall.